1. The Air Conditioner Stops Working Completely

Check the thermostat’s batteries if the air conditioner turns down abruptly. Replace the batteries if they are dead. If the batteries are still fine, ensure the thermostat is in the “cooling” mode or position and adjusted to the desired temperature.

Check the A/C circuit breaker if the thermostat isn’t the problem. It may be necessary to flip it to the “on” position. If none of these ideas work, contact an HVAC professional. Get in touch with us for any air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL.

2. The Air Conditioner Works, But The Air Isn’t Cold

Several issues may cause your house to seem too warm even when the air conditioner is turned on. Then double-check that the thermostat is set correctly. If you put the thermostat in the coldest setting and still don’t notice a change, you may need to replace it.

3. The Air Conditioner Cools Unevenly

Temperature changes in a home are typically caused by ducting leaks, inadequate insulation, or clogged vents or registers. 

4. The Air Conditioner Drips Water

Examine the condensate line, the PVC pipe that exits the AC unit, to check whether it is clogged. If it is, flush it out with compressed air as directed by the manufacturer. Leaking refrigerant from the drain line can warm up your home and may cause ice to form on the coils and drip water.

On the other hand, frozen coils indicate airflow issues caused by trash around the AC unit, a filthy air filter, or congested return air ducting. If any portion of the air conditioner becomes frozen, switch it off and let it thaw on its own before calling an HVAC specialist. Contact us for any AC services in New Port Richey, FL.

5. Strange Noises From The Air Conditioner

Screeching or squealing sounds from the blower motor suggest a problem with the motor bearings or a damaged belt that might break. Adding lubrication to the oil port may be beneficial. A motor or blower assembly problem is clanging, rattling, pounding, or banging. If you hear any of these noises, switch off the air conditioner and contact a professional.

A relay fault is usually indicated by clicking sounds when the air conditioner switches on and off. Also, a failed motor or lost hardware causes a rattling noise when the fan spins on the compressor. To examine the unit, contact a professional.

Keep your air conditioning unit’s warranty in mind while you troubleshoot it. While simple maintenance, such as changing the air filters, is acceptable, some AC problems need expert care to avoid voiding the warranty.

Using our resources, you may learn more about how to handle servicing and repair. If you find your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid, it becoming a more significant, more expensive problem. Contact us right away and make an appointment with us.