A well-working HVAC system works so effectively that you won’t even notice it’s there. So, if you hear squealing, rattling, banging, or other unwanted auditory sounds, it’s time to get it fixed.

You can keep your AC troubles from becoming a hot mess if you know how to deal with them. And, like with any machine, keeping up with repair and maintenance is an excellent approach to avoid problems.

1. Squealing

If you hear a squealing voice coming from your AC, it’s caused by moving parts in your AC unit wearing down and breaking. For example, the belt may need to be replaced. Alternatively, the motor bearings may be broken, causing the motor to be off-center, resulting in screeching.

HVAC failure can be prevented by replacing and repairing belts and motor bearings before they fail. It is important to repair them. 

Another reason for these noises is that your motor needs to be lubricated. The oil you choose should not include any detergent, and typical household oils, such as WD-40, because they are too light for this problem.

2. Rattling

A rattling sound emanating from your HVAC unit could imply one of the following – 

  • A Component has Come Loose

Turn off your unit’s power. Before the part breaks or disconnects fully, it must be repaired by a professional.

  • The Motor has been Damaged

If the motor appears to be damaged, have it replaced by a professional.

  • The Panels or Doors are Sagging

Check to see that the panels and doors on the outside of your AC installation in New Port Richey, FL, are correct. Tighten any slack screws.

  • Debris has been Entangled in Your Air Conditioner

There could be twigs or other debris caught in the mechanism.

3. Thumping and Thwapping

It’s usual to hear a thumping noise when you turn off your air conditioner, but continual thumping indicates that something isn’t operating properly.

Thumping might be caused by a faulty seal or a hole in the pipework.

If you hear thumping from outside, it’s possible that your compressor springs have snapped or that the fan has hit metal. If you keep hearing thumping and it’s growing louder, it’s time to call a local HVAC professional.

There could be anything lodged in the blower blades or touching the blower from inside the unit if you hear a “thwapping” sound akin to playing cards on bicycle spokes. It may cause the belt or motor to wear out sooner than it should.

4. Repeated Clicking

The following factors can contribute to repetitive clicking – 

  • The Relay Procedure

A reoccurring clicking sound in your HVAC system signals a problem with the thermostat’s relay process, which controls air temperature.

  • An Electrical Issue

Clicking can signal an electrical issue with the HVAC, causing the relay to stop working properly.

  • The Contactor’s Name

The contactor, which connects the thermostat to the compressor unit, may be broken and must be replaced.

A professional technician in your area should resolve these issues. We also offer a variety of services, including air conditioning repair in New Port Richey, FL.

5. Banging

If your appliance makes a loud banging noise while running, it is broken and needs to be repaired. You could, for example, have a faulty piston pin or connecting rod. Banging can potentially indicate that your compressor needs to be replaced. You should not use the device until it has been repaired or replaced.