You may wish that your air conditioner operates for many years without any problems. Although you’ve just purchased an expensive air conditioner from a reputable company, it does not guarantee you it will run smoothly for many years. Here are some tips to extend your air conditioner’s life without contacting a professional for AC maintenance in New Port Richey, FL.

How to extend your air conditioner's life?

  • Give priority to rest

It is reasonable to run your air conditioner for many hours during the summer months, but you should give proper and regular breaks to your model to extend its life. It will also prevent your air conditioner from overheating, which might result in a blast.

  • Regular cleaning

If there are dust and dirt particles in the condenser, your air conditioner will lose its capability to cool your house. In this case, you should clean your air conditioner regularly to avoid damage due to dirt.

  • Proper air circulation

You should timely check on the status of the air ducts and clean them regularly. In case of any damage, contact a technician for AC services in New Port Richey, FL. In order to set up an appointment at the earliest time slot possible.

  • Frequent tune-ups

You can stay in contact with a reputed HVAC company so that they can easily approach you in case of emergencies or general tune-ups. Tune-ups are necessary because they can give your air conditioner a new life.

  • Filter replacement

Filters contribute a lot to extending your air conditioner’s life. You should frequently check on your air conditioner’s filters and ensure they are in good shape.


If you want to know more tips to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, Henning Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc will provide you with all the information to get the best out of your air conditioner. We will ensure to help you take proper care of your system without a lot of effort. Contact us for AC installation in New Port Richey, FL.