Sun’s out, fun’s out, and if you’re not barefoot, you are overdressed. Summer is all about beach days and iced coffee. But with the fun comes extreme heat. It would be impossible to get through summer without an air conditioner. The minute you step into your house, all you want to do is switch on the air conditioner and relax. Going to any café or going to the movies would be out of the question in summer if they wouldn’t have an air conditioner installed. We know that an air conditioner is a blessing for ditching the heat, but what do we know about these lifesavers. Here are a few cool facts that you need to know about this innovation:

Air conditioners do not use ice

An air conditioner’s output units were measured in ‘ice power” when AC systems were first introduced. This was done to measure the amount of cool air it could produce by seeing how many ice blocks were required to produce the same amount. Thus, there is a misconception running around that air conditioners use ice to produce cool air. However, if you see any ice forming around your AC unit, get it checked immediately.

Stay cool and save lives

An air conditioner helps in saving human lives. An increase in air conditioners usage has shown a prominent decrease in the number of deaths due to heat. Also, some of the medications that we have today were made successfully only because of air conditioners. They had to be studied and developed in a cool environment, i.e. in an air-conditioned room. They have also proved to help allergy sufferers by providing them with cool air.

Get your air filter changed regularly, and your HVAC system maintained

If you don’t pay attention to the signs and get your air filter changed regularly, it may get clogged and cause problems in the long run. Especially if you own pets, you need to call your A/C services and get the air filter changed. Neglecting to do the same could lead to HVAC failures. Also, if you take care of your HVAC system with regular maintenance, it will have a much longer life.

Blinds can help to avoid overworking your A/C

Shades or blinds or opaque curtains help to keep sunlight out of your house. Sunlight is a product of heat. If there’s sunlight coming through your windows, it will gradually lead to a rise in the room’s overall temperature. If you switch on your AC unit while keeping the curtains open, there will be more heat produced in the room, putting stress on the AC. Blinds and shades are your best friends because their presence helps in overworking the AC, in turn ensuring its long life.

Not just cooling

Air conditioners are not only used for cooling purposes. They also help keep the humidity to a minimum and produce good bacteria while also helping in preserving paper in publishing houses.

There are many more lesser-known yet useful facts about the air conditioner that we can help you with if you avail of our services. Our ac repair new port Richey FL customers and our AC installation in new port Richey, FL customers trust us with their HVAC units! Contact us to know more.


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