The air conditioners in modern times are quieter than they were in the past. Nowadays, the air conditioners arrive with a two-stage compressor and a sound-dampening technology that keeps the noise levels from your AC at a lower level. However, if you hear your air conditioning unit making strange noises, then there is a possibility that it is crying out for help. 

Most Common Sounds That Air Conditioners Make 

Overlooking the mysterious sounds from your air conditioner can transform trivial issues into significant expenses, as these sounds could indicate anything from requiring uncomplicated AC maintenance in New Port Richey, FL, to high-priced servicing, to the replacement of the complete system.  

Here are some of the prevalent noises your air conditioning unit could produce and what they might imply – 

Loud Banging Noise 

Banging is customarily an assured indication that there is a damaged part in an air conditioner. These broken parts are more likely to be a coupling rod, crankshaft, or piston pin inside the compressor of an air conditioning unit. 

Apart from this, this banging sound can also indicate that the indoor blower in your air conditioning unit is not balanced properly. However, in the worst case, these banging sounds point towards the compressor replacement of your air conditioner. 

Clanking Noise 

Clanking noise from your air conditioner is another indication of a disconnected or out-of-place component. The AC unit components have possibly slipped, and the compressor itself might have grown slack, maybe demanding a replacement. 

This sound can further indicate that the outdoor fan or indoor blower and its fan are out of parity and striking other components. These kinds of problems will simply get more serious and produce more significant difficulties if neglected.

Clicking Noise

The clicking noise of electrical components in an air conditioner during the start-up and shutdown is a natural feature of the unit’s functionality. However, continuous or regular clicking noise is not normal. It could be a manifestation of a broken control or a weak thermostat. There are many electrical components in your air conditioning unit; therefore, it is crucial to pay heed to possible electrical problems as early as possible before you possess more major problems on your hand. 

Squealing or Rattling Noise 

Fan or blower noises such as squealing and rattling might be spread through the duct arrangement. Outside fan engines and inside blower engines make a squealing sound when they are not running poorly. The blower ring and installation will also squeal when they fail. 

Apart from this, a rattling noise can indicate that your air conditioner is commencing to breakdown, and some of its components are slackening. Another reason for a rattling noise could be branches or leaves that have obstructed your unit. 

If you are getting annoyed by the noises emanating from your AC, then it is now the time to listen to the cries of your unit rather than neglecting them. You must always get in touch with a specialist like Henning Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc to fix your AC problems. Their proficient crew is equipped to deal with all HVAC issues along with mending strange sounds to revive comfort to your place.

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