Henning Heating and Air, Inc. was our choice when we found ourselves in need of a complete air conditioning system replacement.

Our a/c unit was close to thirty years old and had required a few air conditioning service repairs and maintenance in the past, we had a feeling we weren’t going to get by with a simple a/c repair this time. We were right.

We called 4 different a/c companies from around the Trinity, New Port Richey area and invited them to look at our a/c unit which was leaking in the ceiling, threatening major damage to our walls and ceiling.

Patrick was pleasant to speak with from the first call and all the ones that followed. He was prompt on arriving to access the problem with our a/c unit and confirmed the air conditioner needed a complete replacement. He was knowledgeable and patient as he explained why and fielded all the questions my wife and I had.

Then it came time for the free a/c system replacement written estimate. He thoroughly explained what was needed, gave us his recommendations and finally the price. We were pleasantly shocked when the price was 3 times lower than another estimate we were given.

He reassured us his work would be done timely and he and his crew would have our a/c problem taken care of correctly the first time. He also explained warranties and the difference between the air conditioner system manufactures.

We scheduled the a/c system replacement. From there forward everything went like clockwork. He and his team started the work when stated, they completed the entire job in less than a half day, wow!

Professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, timely with great prices and warranties.

Highly, highly recommend!