Henning Heating & Air was the right choice

My air went out and a neighbor recommended Pat Henning. Pat came out and was on time and professional. I was hoping for a simple fix, but he informed me that the system needed to be replaced, and I knew that was right since the systems was about 20 years old and I had been limping it along for four or five years. Pat gave me several proposals but since he couldn’t get to it right away, he patched up the systems to work for a week or so.

I got a couple more quotes and Pat was the best and gave me confidence that the job would be done right, and he allowed me to inspect a job he just finished, and it looked like a nice clean job. I asked for a quote on another system and he was happy to do that and was timely and again very reasonable. We signed a deal and I told him my air when out again, but we could make it through the few days before he replaced the system. Pat said he would stop by the next morning and get me up and running at no cost because he didn’t want to see me without air for three days in mid-summer.

I was there for the install and Pat and his employees were professional, courteous, and you could tell they do good work. I can say that the job isn’t done until Pat is satisfied that it is right. I am someone who likes things done right and it was obvious that Pat was the same way – he won’t cut corners and he isn’t happy if it is not right. There was one connection in the duct work he wasn’t happy with so they re-did it. I wouldn’t have known the difference, but Pat did and made sure it was right. When the install was done, I knew it was done right and that I picked the right company to do the job. Everything was always on time and as promised. It is great when you know you made the right decision picking a company for something important, and I can tell you, you won’t go wrong picking Pat Henning to do your job. He is not a large impersonal company but just right for good personal service.