According to a report by Statista, 90% of homeowners in the United States today have an AC in their homes. However, the truth is, only a few people know that an AC  only lasts for about 10-15 years. Air conditioning systems, like any other HVAC equipment, are complex. Therefore, the question of when your AC will stop working is not that simple. 

Well, this is because there are various factors related to the lifespan of an AC. Sadly, most homeowners ignore these factors despite the crucial role an AC plays in a home, and we tend to see many cooling systems breaking down before they should.

You cannot expect your air conditioner to offer you a smooth and long service if you keep ignoring it. Therefore, check out the things that impact the functioning of an AC and ensure that it’s long-lasting and efficient. 

The factors that affect the performance and longevity of an AC

  • The overburdened cooling system fails fast without proper care

Air conditioning systems are built to offer you comfort in the summer seasons. You cannot expect your AC to work a whole year without maintenance and survive 15 years without a breakdown. 

Remember, only those Air conditioners work well for years and years that receive proper care. Therefore, after an ac installation in New Port Richey, FL., do not forget to book a tune-up service for your AC regularly. 

  • Yearly AC maintenance can extend the life of your cooling equipment

If you have installed your AC recently, there is no need to start considering an upgrade now. A well-maintained air-conditioning system typically lasts 12 to 17 years and guarantees comfort when necessary. However, there are signs that you must never ignore if you want your AC to be your saving grace every summer.

Therefore, if you notice a grinding or rattling noise coming out from the AC, it is wise to get it checked by a professional immediately. Expert AC maintenance technicians can monitor performance, fix minor issues, and keep your AC as efficient as a new air conditioning system.

  • Timely repair is crucial to ensure the peak performance of your air conditioner.

The fact is that air conditioners cannot work effectively till their expected lifespan without adequate service. Therefore, to prolong the life of your AC after ac installation in New Port Richey, FL, immediate repair when needed is vital to avoid a total breakdown. Fortunately, with rising energy costs and environmental concerns, HVAC manufacturers have launched HVAC equipment that ensures superior energy efficiency and affordability. Plus, they have the technical expertise to fix every HVAC issue and guarantee your air conditioning system’s longevity.

Wrapping up

Before making any replacement decisions, you need to determine the status of your existing AC system. Remember, HVAC equipment needs expert handling if you want it to perform its best. Therefore, go online to our website and schedule an HVAC service today! 

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