An HVAC system allows you to be comfortable inside your home while it is hot outside. There may come a time where your indoor air may become a bit warm, despite AC running at its peak capacity. This problem is quite common among homeowners, and even professional air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL, won’t help you in this matter. All AC’s have their limits in terms of their cooling capacity. Keep reading for more information.

Let's talk about the air conditioner's limitations

Your AC has limits irrespective of the age. At this point, let us confirm that your HVAC system can cool down about 15 to 25 degrees compared to the outside temperature or won’t go below the 70-degree F mark. For example, if you select the temperature in your AC at 65 degrees while the outside temperature is not less than 95, you will not get your desired cooling.

Every manufacturer produces an air conditioning system keeping this limitation in mind. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an indoor temperature of 78 degrees is more than just enough during summer. A professional AC service in New Port Richey, FL, will advise you to follow this too. However, if you strain the thermostat system by lowering the temperature below the designated setting, it may cost you unnecessarily.

Putting pressure on the system means your AC will try to work profusely to provide you with the coolest air, and as a result, the parts in your AC unit will face severe damage. The expense for AC repair in New Port Richey, FL, will be good for nothing. You have to understand your AC will not go below the 20-degree mark at all, at least not while the sun is up.

Other factors that are putting a limit on your air conditioner

Other than this manufactured limit, if you find that your AC can’t even reach this 20-degree mark, some grave problems are preventing the AC from working. At this point, you should contact a professional for AC repair in New Port Richey, FL.

Dirty air filters

A dirty filter is one of the most common problems nowadays. It is easy to clean, but long exposure to the collected dirt can harm your system and health.

Inefficient AC installation

You may witness this problem if you do not hire a professional service provider for this essential job. Improper AC installation decreases the AC capacity.

Undersized/oversized air conditioner system

An improperly sized AC will ruin your comfort and money. Always seek professional help for guidance.

Irregular AC service

If you fail to service your AC regularly, your HVAC system will lose its performance gradually, including cooling capacity.

Insulation defect

While installing the air conditioner, the technicians must insulate your home. Otherwise, your room will not get enough cooled air.

Bad ductwork

Ductwork must be impeccable to hold the cooling generated by the AC and distribute it evenly across your house. Poor ductwork will decrease this efficiency at a great length.

To sum up

Hopefully, you have understood how cooling capacity is fixed and why you should not try to go beyond that limit. Opt for air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL, to enjoy the maximum cooling by your system.

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