Keeping a home’s furnace in good working order should always be a top priority for many homeowners during the harsh and chilly winter months. It is essential to pay attention to any warning signs of your furnace malfunction. If you notice any warning signs, contact the HVAC contractor in New Port Richey, FL, right away.

Warning Signs That Your Furnace Is Malfunctioning:

When an issue with your furnace emerges, it is essential to schedule furnace repairs as soon as possible. Here are seven warning signs of a broken furnace.

  • Abnormal Furnace Odor

A weird odor coming from your furnace is usual, especially if you haven’t used it in a long time. The majority of furnace odors fade as you start operating the system. If you notice a strong burning smell that emerges suddenly or a smell that does not fade over time, you may have a furnace problem.

The smell of burning plastic, electrical odors, or burning dust may indicate more severe problems with your furnace.

  • High Utility Bills 

Furnaces frequently lose efficiency over time, especially if they are not properly maintained. Your utility expenses may climb due to your furnace working harder to maintain the same temperature in your home. In case you are experiencing unusually high utility bills, it is time to contact a professional for a furnace inspection.

  • The Furnace Won’t Turn On

If you notice that it takes many efforts to start your furnace, or you have to restart it several times per day, it is a sign of a malfunctioning furnace. 

  • Loud Operation

While working home furnaces may produce buzzing sounds, this is normal. However, if your furnace starts making loud and weird noises, it could be a sign of a problem. 

Loud banging, rattling, clicking, booming, and grinding noise indicates that something has become loose or broken within your system. 

  • Furnace Short Cycling

Furnace short-cycling occurs when your furnace repeatedly turns on and off without reaching the temperature set on the thermostat. If you are experiencing short cycling, you may discover that your home isn’t as warm as it should be, leaving you and your family cold and unpleasant.

  • Inadequate Heating

If your furnace is no longer effectively keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter months, you should have it serviced by a professional. If you constantly have to adjust the thermostat at different temperatures in different rooms of your home, likely, your furnace isn’t adequately circulating air throughout your home. That could suggest a problem with the furnace’s airflow.

Even if you don’t see any signs of a malfunctioning furnace, you should still take preventative measures and have a licensed expert perform a furnace tune-up twice a year. 

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs in your furnace, contact Henning Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for heating repair in New Port Richey, FL. Our furnace specialists will examine and diagnose the issue during your furnace inspection and offer the appropriate solution to your problem.

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