Air conditioners are subjected to the best deal of strain during the summer months. Many factors can lead to the breakdown of an air conditioner. The following five are common reasons for an air conditioner breakdown.

Having a Dirty HVAC Filter

Dirty air conditioner filters are a common cause of AC systems not cooling properly or freezing. It is common for HVAC filters to last between 30 and 60 days. When the system performs longer cycles in the hot summer months, the filter must be changed more frequently than every 30 days.

AC Condenser Coils that are Dirty

Air conditioning units have coils outside the house where the condenser is. Dirt and seasonal debris can accumulate on them due to their location. Having condenser coils covered with tons of dirt will result in higher utility bills.

A water hose can be used to clean the AC condenser coils, but in cases of extreme build-up, chemical cleaning by a professional HVAC technician will mean that the coils need to be removed.

Leakage of Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks can also cause AC breakdowns. A refrigerant leak will cause rooms in your home to heat and cool more quickly, causing discomfort. If you perform a leak test after diagnosing a refrigerant leak, your system can usually be fixed, and you can begin cooling your house again.

Problems with the Evaporator Coil

Inside your home, an evaporator coil sits near the furnace, absorbing heat and humidity from the air being sent outside. Through the duct system, cool air is then sent into the house from the evaporator coil. In dirty evaporator coils, heat and humidity cannot be absorbed properly, resulting in uncomfortable home temperatures.

To have a technician come out and clean your evaporator coil, please feel free to get in touch with our office.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

HVAC equipment is controlled by your thermostat, and you must ensure it is working properly for heating and cooling equipment to function properly. Be sure that your HVAC system’s thermostat is on and set to the “cool” mode, and ensure that the batteries are fresh (if applicable).

Seasonal Maintenance Reduces Breakdowns

This is how you can ensure your air conditioner is ready to stand up to summer’s heat – 

  • A dirty AC unit is one of the main causes of AC malfunctions. To prevent a midseason breakdown, your HVAC pro will thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your AC.
  • After that, the technician will perform a detailed inspection of all components. In addition, he will run a test to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Your technician will replace any faulty parts identified during an inspection and test. It is often cheaper to replace parts during an annual inspection than to replace them on an emergency basis during the summer.

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