I’m so glad to have found Patrick, Brad and Dustin from Henning Air Conditioning.
I called them because in our new house. The master bedroom wasn’t getting as cold as the rest of the house. It turns out the last ac company who did The duct work.. didn’t have this house’s best interest at heart at all. The ducting was done so terrible. And made zero sense.

Patrick and Brad did a full evaluation of the duct work and reconfigured it with ease. They did a great Job. And now our bedroom stays super cool.

Brad and Dustin, who came and did the work were super friendly and even happy as they worked. That’s says a lot being they were in a tight hot attic for most of the day.

Henning heating and Ac is my forever Ac and heating company. I fully trust them. And I fully recommend them to anyone.
Thank you Patrick, Brad and Dustin!!!!!!
Heather Payton