Air conditioners are household equipment that all of us use. The amount of time that we leave them on solely depends on the outside temperature. The more humid or hot the weather, the longer we leave them on. However, selecting the best air conditioner in the market is critical. 

A decent air conditioner is energy efficient and saves money, and choosing one is a difficult task. Here’s a guide to help you understand your options, choose an air conditioning repair in New Port Richey, FL, save money on your energy expenses, and work spectacularly. 

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner? 

  • Size

The size of your Ac matters the most. An air conditioner with a large capacity can cool down a room faster. But there’s no point as the humidity might stay the same. On the other side, an undersized AC can take much longer to cool down a room resulting in excess energy consumption. So pick an air conditioner that is most suitable for your home. 

  • Energy-Saving Setting

Another feature that is a must in the best air conditioners is an energy-saving option, which means that after your area has cooled down, the unit will turn off both the compressor and fan. 

  • High EER and SEER Ratings

EER should be greater than 12 (energy-efficiency rating), and SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating) must be greater than 14 for the best AC. 

Top 5 Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

  • Air Ease SCU/BCE Series

This series of HVAC units have SEER ratings of 19-20, which means they are highly efficient. Variable-capacity and air quality control are features of these complex systems. It is possible to save over 30 percent of your costs through this system and its usage. Air Ease is a well-known manufacturer of light and commercial gas furnaces.

  • Amana AVXC20

The Amana series has a SEER rating of roughly 23, making it the best on the market. Innovative technology and user-friendly options are available in the Amana series, making it simple to use. Amana is a popular choice because of its decades of experience in the home appliance industry.

  • Bryant Legacy Series

The Bryant series has a SEER rating of 16, a decent SEER rating on average, as the minimum ratings have to be above 14. Bryant stands out for its manufacture and production through several years. Bryant air conditioners are popular because they provide good quality at a reasonable price.

  • American Standard Platinum 20 Series

These air conditioners have a SEER rating of 20, but this is not the only reason that this series stands out. American Standard Platinum 20 Series has speed settings that can quickly adapt to changes in temperature. In addition, these air conditioners are known for being the most durable and reliable in the market.

  • Armstrong SCU/BCE Series

The Armstrong SCU/BCE series has a SEER rating of around 20, making it one of the most energy-efficient and low-consumption models on the market. Moreover, given their remarkable efficiency, these air conditioners are reasonably priced. 

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