When an electronic device functions, it makes low noise in the background. However, when speaking of heater noises, they should be barely audible. So when you hear unexpected furnace noises, it is a sign of worry, and you must immediately call experts for your furnace repair in New Port Richey, FL. Calling professional technicians will help get rid of these odd sounds quickly without causing excessive damage to your machine. 

What Are Some Odd Noises That A Heater Makes?

Most property owners notice a clicking noise when their furnace runs a heating cycle. This type of noise is usually not cause for concern. The primary reason you hear it is that it got switched on just now! As the heater starts up, there is sometimes a burst or click, and then the central heating resolves into a monotonous hum as it runs. 

Consider the button you hear when you transform on a gas stove burner. In addition, older furnaces are typically noisier than the latest ones, as newer ones are often intended with modern features and extra insulation to reduce the amount of noise you hear as it runs. However, if your heater makes the following noises, you must call experts right away without wasting time. 

  • Scratching and Grinding

Grinding and scratching furnace noises are typically caused by dry bearing surfaces in the heater blower motor. Also, lubricate the bearings regularly to make them function properly. If you have a preventive maintenance program, this gets handled by your technician during a furnace maintenance service.

  • Rumbling

If your heater completes one heating and emits a loud rumble throughout the house, there is some severe issue. Fuel can still be burning in the combustion process even though the burners are turned off.

Stove, pilot light, or flame detector issues are all possibilities. So it is better to call professionals in such situations as it can raise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Banging

Thumping and colliding noises can arise due to an unbalanced blower wheel or motor. It is a serious problem that necessitates immediate HVAC repair. The air compressor wheel and motor are important furnace components that should not be bouncing around.

  • Bangs and Loud Bursts

When the furnace starts up, many homeowners hear a loud bang. It is caused by warm air colliding with the steel surface of the ducts, causing expansion and producing noise. Your gas furnace’s heaters may be dirty if the popping noise becomes louder.

This issue results in the gas buildup and the possibility of a fracture in your heat transfer, and is very severe and needs urgent furnace repair.

  • Clicking Several Times

It is common for a gas heater to create a tapping noise when the heat cycle begins and ends. However, if clicking repeatedly happens during the heating cycle, the problem is usually with the compressor or the control center.

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