AC maintenance in New Port Richey, FL, is essential for keeping your home’s air conditioning system operating correctly and efficiently. Since your air conditioning unit will be used frequently during the summer, keeping it in good working order is essential. 

There are a few aspects you can do without contacting a maintenance team. As a homeowner, it is critical to be acquainted with your air conditioner system to detect problems before they occur. You don’t want your air conditioner to fail when it’s most needed.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Here are some of the services included in air conditioner maintenance. 

  • AC Filter Replacement

Sustaining the filter on your air conditioner is the most basic task you can perform as a homeowner. Since most filters are expendable, filter preservation is as simple as removing and replacing the old filtration system.

Also, it is prudent to clean or replace air filters every three months. If you use thinner, non-pleated air filters, replace them once a month. If you have allergies, pets, or live in a polluted area, you may want to inspect and replace your filters more frequently.

  • AC Evaporator and Capacitor Coil Upkeep

To maintain your exchanger and condenser coils, you must first inspect them. Keep a close eye out for any harm to your coils, reducing their performance. For example, coolant leaks if a coil punctures, rendering your air conditioner inoperable.

Spray the condensing unit on your exhaust system with a garden hose to clean it. Outdoor models are usually very durable and can withstand being wet. 

If your condenser coil is filthy or has accumulated dirt or grime, experts suggest using an AC coil cleaner solution to help clean the coil. Washing the heat exchanger on your air handling unit is problematic because it is in a small space. Instead, hire a trained technician for it.

  • AC Sink Line and Drain Pan Upkeep

It is necessary to keep your AC drain line and drain pain clean to maintain a clean AC system. While a dirty sewage line or pan does not directly affect the quality of your AC system, it can create filthy chaos in or around your AC unit if not maintained properly.

After examining your drain line and drain pan, take note of any gunk buildup or slime signs. Slimy, organic material coats the inside of drain lines and, at first, causes no problems. However, if it is not scrubbed, it will clog your drain line and cause your drain pan to overflow.

Eliminate any standing water and debris from your drain pan before cleaning it; a rag would sometimes suffice. There may be a significant amount of water; you will need to use a wet/dry vacuum to extract it.


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